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Savannah No Kidding!

Do you ever find yourself with a shrinking social circle because everyone you know seems to have children, while you don't? Do you ever wish you could go out at night with friends without having to plan around babysitters, PTA meetings, dance lessons, and so on? Do you miss going out without your friends' kids every once in a while?

Then Savannah No Kidding! may be for you. We are a social club with no membership fees that is comprised of adults who don't have children of their own for whatever reason.

No Kidding! was first started in Vancouver, BC, Canada, by Jerry Steinberg, our founding Non-father, in 1984. After searching for a social club for childfree couples and singles and finding that none existed, he decided to take the initiative and start a group on his own. Today, there are over 40 chapters in 5 countries.

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